OUR Services

At PJL we provide a wide range of specialised services:

  • Project Management
  • Electrical Testing & Commissioning
  • Electrical Reticulation
  • Cable Delivery & Laying
  • Electronic Cable Location & Recording
  • 400V to 66kv Cable Jointing and Terminations* (including XLPE and PILC)
  • 400V to 11kv Switchgear Installation
  • Supply and Installation of Streetlights
  • Pole Removal and installation
  • Installation of pad mounted equipment - (transformers, micro subs and RMU's)
  • As-Built Drawings and GPS location

*66kV undertaken in conjunction with PJL specialty providers

PJL's Sister Company Atlas Infrastructure and Services provides all associated civil requirments comprising:

  • Full Trenching and Reinstatement Services
  • Trenching and trenchless excavation for substations, reinforcements, overhead to underground conversions, joint pits, street light and pole installation civil work
  • Fibre - laying mains, business connections and jointing
  • PE pipe welding
  • Traffic Management (Level 2)
  • Hydro Vacuum Excavation



PJL place's a high priority on customer service and are committed to providing a quality service while maintaining competitive prices.